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The Complete Recordings 2006​-​2010

by Liger

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    (The price for this used to be EUR 8,- // I changed it to "name your price" with a minimum of 8 euros. If you think that this package is worth more, feel free to support my ongoing musical endeavor by paying more!)

    Liger was a band who formed in 2006 and split in 2010. This is the archive of all released recordings, plus some previously unreleased reworks, remixes, demos, live and alternative versions.

    All of these have been taken off iTunes et al.
    Some copies of the LPs and CDs are still available at www.beatismurder.com, but they will not be reprinted once they're gone.

    I included no covers or remixes of or by other people, except for Dust COvered Carpet's cover of "Oh Chicken Feathers" and our cover of Sometree's "Hands And Arrows", because I know they won't sue me.
    There are many more covers and remixes of Liger's tracks, and Liger covers of other people's tracks, but selling these would have required some copyright research and requests that I just didn't want to deal with.

    Photos by David Murobi (http://davnull.klingt.org)


    Official releases:

    The first 4 songs are from the debut 7" EP "Smapples" (2006)
    Crazy times. We started playing together, recorded and released this EP and went on a monster tour through Europe. All this happened within about 2 months. We smelled the fame!

    Track 5 - 15 are from the album "Crash Symbols" (2008)
    And then it took us two years to write and record our debut album.

    16 and 17 are from Liger's side of the split LP with Dust Covered Carpet (2009)
    2008 and 2009: tours tours tours. And this split LP. Ah, to be young again...

    18 - 20 are from the 7" single "Unknown Pressures" (2010)
    Relocating to germany. Less tours. Unknown Pressures. The end.

    Here cometh the bonus tracks:

    21. Arrow Roulette (2010)
    The last Liger song ever. Taken from the free digital EP "Out There Be Monsters".

    22. Oh Chicken Feathers! (Peppermill Version - 2007)
    A song we did for the Peppermill Records compilation "52 Weeks". One year later we re-wrote and -recorded this song and put it on our debut album "Crash Symbols".

    23. Oh Chicken Feathers (Covered by Dust Covered Carpet - 2009)
    The mighty Volker Buchgraber reworked our song into a suicidal R'n'B ballad. This is so much better than all of our versions!

    24. Here Comes (2009)
    Our second commissioned work for Peppermill Records. This was supposed to be for a musical tribute to a poet.
    I can't say the name of this poet though, because "the family members in charge of his estate has taken offense to our experiment, and have threatened all the artists involved with lawsuits, if they choose to participate." (Peppermill website).
    Alright, sue me. (No please don't). Music by Liger, lyrics by he who won't be named.

    25. You Are An Engineer Too (2006)
    I think this was the first Liger recording ever. It was released on the CD that came with a music magazine in the Czech Republic.
    2 other versions ended up on the "Smapples EP" and the album "Crash Symbols".

    26. All Caps (Acoustic - 2008)
    I wrote this song in about 30 minutes and recorded it in order to remember it later. The full band version was released on "Crash Symbols".

    27. Fear Has A Stunning Body (Piano Version - 2009)
    I kind of cheated here. I just took the vocal track from the original version and put some piano underneath it. Anyhow, please picture me playing piano and singing at the same time. This is how i want to be remembered when I'm gone. Gothic Elton John.
    (Track is taken from our tour EP "In Your Face, Adulthood).

    28. Young Nudes With A Knife (Harmonium Version, Live - 2009)
    This was recorded when we played a take-away-show for www.theyshootmusic.com.
    Recorded by They Shoot Music.

    29. Fear Has A Stunning Body (D.S. solo live - 2010)
    I played this solo gig in Wilhelmshaven/Germany in a Theater. Probably the best (sounding) live recording of Liger. And it wasn't even a full band gig. Just me and a guitar. And a loop pedal. Too bad i fucked up most of the other songs of this gig, so they will never never ever be heard by anyone else.

    30. You Are Made Of Win And Gold (D.S. solo live - 2010)
    Ok, i lied. This song isn't half bad either. You can have it. Although at the end it gets a little weird. I like to pretend that I just fucked it up deliberately to scare the north german theater people with my austrian punk attitude. (No, I just play that bad. But hey, at least I pretty much nailed the drum beat in the beginning!)

    31. Split Yourself Lilith (Live, Unplugged - 2009)
    Accompanied by a cellist. I think we didn't even have to rehearse. God bless these classical(ly trained) musicians. And that guy from Dust Covered Carped goes all ploinky ploink on the ukulele.

    32. You Are Made Of Win And Gold (YPB Remix - 2009)
    Before Liger, I made quirky IDM music under the moniker Yeah Pretty Boy. Two of these words don't actually fit my physique, so I abbreviated it to YPB.

    33. Funereal (Swan Fangs Lawn Dance - 2011)
    Swan Fangs is the suicide pop project of me and Volker Buchgraber. I also use this name to make weird remixes. Volker can only remix wine with beer.

    34. Body Blow (12 Bits To Iceland Rework - 2011)
    Do you sometimes wonder what it would sound like if Björk and These New Puritans remixed a Liger song?
    Keep wondering.

    35. Body Blow (Acoustic - 2010)
    Another song from the "Out There Be Monsters" EP. Also known as "Body Blow - Drunk And Depressed In Berlin Version".

    36. Rectangular (Goth Version - 2010)
    Rectangular was the bonus track on our last single "Unknown Pressures". This is the first version of the song. Fortunately I immediately realized the ridiculousness of this '84 Goth derivate and turned it into something completely different before I released it. One year later I find myself kind of liking it.

    37. Hands And Arrows (Sometree Cover - 2006)
    This was the second Liger recording ever. I was a huge Sometree fanboy in my early and mid twenties. A couple of years later I am here in Germany and I'm friends with these guys. Imagine!
    (This cover is not really good, but people keep asking me where to find it. Here you go! Buy it!)
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Smapples 02:39
Relapse 1A 04:01
Quitter 03:10
All Caps 04:21
Funereal 03:40
Body Blow 03:14
Rectangular 03:10
Here Comes 02:32


released August 13, 2011


all rights reserved



Liger Wien, Austria

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